We believe that not all ways and means of communication are equal.

Join us in reminiscing on a simpler time. A place without a “delete” key or auto-correct, where you couldn't just hit “send” and wait anxiously (for a few seconds) for a response. You may even need to purchase a stamp and find that pen in the deep depths of your bag.

Entertain us for a moment and think back to the last time you’ve received an unexpected handwritten note. How did you feel when you opened the envelope and read that message? If you (unfortunately) do not have a memory in mind - trust us, it feels great. These are the fond memories that lay our foundation here at Envely.

Envely Cards is a small shop with big dreams, located in the Greater Seattle Area, Washington, USA. Throughout the entire process, we strive to create an experience and product that you will want to share. We have ambitious goals - including a studio space, in house printing equipment, and much more.

Thank you for getting to know us a bit more. We appreciate you and want to hear your stories.

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